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Prospects for Good Governance, Sustainable
Development and Participation in World Politics

22 August, 14-17 hrs
Venue: Clingendael Institute, Clingendael 7, The Hague

Organisers: Clingendael Asia Studies, Sinological Institute (Leiden University),
International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS)
Parthenon Publishers (Almere)

During this symposium, four prominent China-specalists will assess
the achievements of the Chinese reforms in the past thirty years,
and analyse China's strengths and challenges for the future.

On this occasion, a new Dutch-language volume on the Chinese reforms,
published by Parthenon, will be presented, entitled 'China in verandering.
Balans en toekomst van de hervormingen' (China in Transformation. Results
and Prospects of the Reforms) edited by Woei-Lien Chong and Tak-Wing Ngo.
The book will be on sale during the symposium.

Preliminary list of speakers:

Prof. dr. Ward Vermeer, University of Turku, Finland
'Prospects of the Chinese Economy in a Global Context'
Prof. dr. Tak-Wing Ngo, Leiden University/Erasmus University Rotterdam
'Prospects for Good Governance'
Dr. Frans-Paul van der Putten, Clingendael Institute
'China and Regional Security'
Dr. Benjamin van Rooij, Leiden University
'The Future of the Chinese Legal Reforms'

Participation is free of charge.

Please register your participation by sending an email to Desiree Davidse:


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